Saturday 5 April 2014


Addition Board Game

Age: From 4 years old

Duration: 30 minutes

No. of players: 1-6

Objectives: To provide a fun way to learn counting and addition

Game rules:

Method 1:

The task cards and the answer cards are shuffled separately. Arrange the answer cards spread out on the table facing up. Place the task cards in a pile facing down.

The youngest player starts by picking the task card on top of the pile and placing it on the table facing up. The same player then finds the correct answer card, e.g . : 2 +7 = 9 teddy bears. If the player finds the correct answer card, he/she gets to keep both cards. If the cards are of the same frame color, the player has found the right card.

If the player picks a wrong answer card, the answer card is returned back to the same place on the table and the task card is returned to the bottom of the pile of task cards facing down. The turn is passed to the next player in a clockwise direction. The game ends when all the cards that pair formation is found. The winner is the player some have found the most matching pairs.

Method 2:

The cards are shuffled and spread out on the table facing down in two group, one group with the task cards and one group with answer cards. The youngest player starts and turns over a task card facing up and an answer card facing up. If they fit, for example, 1 +2 = 3 teddy bears, he/she gets to keep the cards. The same player continues until he/she turns over two cards that do not fit together. Cards that do not match are turned back facing down in the same place. The turn is passed to the next player in a clockwise direction. Repeat until all the cards are taken. The winner is the one with the most pairs of cards when the game ends.

Additional Information:

We tried this today during our WFMN.

Updates 12 Jan 2015 (5Y10M7D):

We tried this game again tonight. It was very boring for all of us. J was too old for this game. When we first started the game, he was too young and got frustrated. Now that he knew his single digit addition really well, this game was too boring. This game has reached its "shelf life" for us, and we will retire it. It wasn't a very fun and long lasting game, and I wouldn't recommend it on hindsight.

12 Jan 2015 (5Y10M7D)

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