Thursday, 10 April 2014


Geo Shape Tack Zap

This is a wonderful toy for boys (and girls too) consisting of wooden geo shapes, corkboard, a hammer and pins. It trains creativity, pattern recognition, fine motor skill and it is fun. It is meant for children from 3 years old. However, for J, he started really liking it now when he is 5 years old. It is a pleasure to see him try to get creative with the models he create. For example, when he did not have sufficient human face pieces, he uses circles.
One might worry a little because of the nails, but they are not that sharp, and with supervision, it would not be a problem.

10 April 2014 (5Y1M5D) - J said this is a boy skating on a skate board.
10 April 2014 (5Y1M5D) - J said these are 2 tracktors
10 April 2014 (5Y1M5D) - J said this is a robot that transform into a plane

10 April 2014 (5Y1M5D) - J said this is a boy sledging down the snowy slope

10 April 2014 (5Y1M5D) - J said this is him walking and the blue sticks are the photo frame
10 April 2014 (5Y1M5D) - J said this is our family driving in a car - the orange face is me, the one in the middle is J and the blue face is Daddy :-)
13 April 2014 (5Y1M8D) - At 5 years old, J is more into symmetry
27 April 2014 (5Y1M21D)
10 April 2014 (5Y1M5D) - It was a pleasure to see him concentrating with focus and creating

Geo Shape Tack Zap is available from Amazon:

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