Sunday 27 April 2014


Montessori Activity: The Bead Cabinet - Sensorial Experiences with the Chain (Stage XII)

AGE: 4.5-6 (the child should have worked with the initial bead presentation and the short bead stair and be very familiar with the sensorial materials)

OBJECTIVE(S): To show the child the progression of different relationships between units, squares, and cubes.

Bead Cabinet consists of:

1.     Colored Short bead stairs
2.     Square chains
3.     Cube chains
4.    Several mats
1.     Place several mats on the floor, one beneath the other.

2.     Bring the bead presentation tray containing 1 unit, 10 bar, 100 square and 1000 cube to the mat. Later add to these materials the 100 and 1000 chains.

1.     Lay out the short bead stair on the mat vertically. Leave a space and then lay out the square chains in the same way. Leave another space and lay out the cube chains in the same way. * This shows the child the progression of different relationships between units, squares, and cubes.

2.     Give the children lots of sensorial practice with the short bead stair, square and cube chains, etc. before he actually counts them. When the child gets to the point where he is counting, put out all the square chains and one square which represents each chain. The child can count chains 1-6 in any order and then 7-10 or 100. Later on the Directress adds the cube chains, cubes, and the rest of the squares to the bead cabinet. The children are encouraged to count the shorter cube chains before he does the longer ones. The child is probably in his late second year or early third year in Montessori when counting the square chains and older for the cube chains (5 to 6).


1. In the sensorial experiences, none is really needed but it could be visual.
2. When the child counts the chains, the control is in the Directress or the tickets. 


- Shu-Chen Jenny Yen’s On-line Montessori Albums

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