Sunday 12 October 2014



The apple season is coming to an end, and on Sunday, we made it to do it. Some pictures from our apple picking. There are rows and rows of low apple trees. We plucked the type called Elstar, which is very sweet and similar to the Pink Lady variety. This place is really beautiful, it feels like we are in the Garden of Eden... except that the apples are not free and it is not forbidden, but we have to pay 16 DKK per kg.

It starts approx. from 30 August where the fruit garden is open for self-plucking for apples and pears during weekend from 10.00 - 16.00 and it ends approx. on 19 October. Do check the website for actual dates as it varies from year-to-year.

Frydenlunds Alle 23B, 
2950 Vedbæk
Tel: +45 20 32 02 40  (10 – 12)

Updates: 3 October 2015 (6Y5M28D):

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