Saturday 4 October 2014


Slumber Party in the Kitchen

I mentioned in my earlier post that I read somewhere that years down the road, when the children have all moved out, it would be the memories of the unique things that you do together that would bring the family together (sorry for repeating). It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, but simple and stress-free. 

Weekend is here... we decided to do something crazy again. So we decided to pull our comforters downstairs to sleep in the kitchen instead. J was very thrilled, but I was even more thrilled than him. It gave me an excuse to be to be a child again :-P

Our attempt of star-gazing this weekend did not materialize - the telescope didn't quite work, plus Daddy chickened out of venturing into the "cold" to stare at the stars at the last minute. We had a great time cycling in the forest in the afternoon and picking up chestnuts. Thus, the evening and night started out too late. J was very tired, so we didn't do much activities while sleeping in the kitchen, except to read a story.

This is something that J will remember for life. We intend to repeat it.

Having tried sleeping in the washroom, closet, playroom and kitchen, we are soon running out of ideas, but we will definitely repeat this, and hopefully we get to start the evening earlier next time.

You may also want to check out some other crazy ideas such as meals under the table and teatime with your child in my earlier post.

Morning has broken...

Updates: 19 March 2016

J requested to sleep in the kitchen for our cozy Family Fun Night. We said that we need to clean it first. This turned out to be a very good incentive for him to mop the kitchen floor and dry it :-)

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