Sunday 19 October 2014


J Summary (5Y7M14D) - Let's Pray

On the way to church today and listening to the children Bible verse songs * in the car, J said, "Mommy, let's switch off the player and pray first." So we did.

J said, "Dear Heavenly Father,... " and then he said, "Mommy, what should we pray." So I suggested to thank God for the rain, to pray for the Sunday school teachers, for the kids going to church to make it there despite of the rain...

I am touched that he suggested to pray by himself. I didn't ask him to. And I thanked God for the peek into the heart of my child, and held it close to my heart.

* The Bible verse songs have been very helpful in helping J to memorize the scriptures. It is making it more fun and easy, I am beginning to see the results.

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