Saturday 10 October 2015


10 Simple Things to Do with J During the School Holidays...

It is the autumn holiday break. I notice that many took the opportunity to travel. I have to salute them. Going for another vacation overseas will just tire me out. I am looking forward to spending some relaxed time at home with our Little FECS. We had just gone to the Planetarium for some kids activities on how to make a rocket and shoot it up, watched a 3-D film on nature and animal life at the Omni-theater.

Here is a mental list I hope we will have the opportunities to do for the remaining holidays:

1. Make apple chips, banana chips together.
2. Make apple biscuits together.
3. Learn some praise and worship songs together.
4. Make a cave under the sofa table together and have some cushion fight.
5. Then have afternoon tea together under cover.
6. Then watch The Sound of Music DVD together.
7. Make some simple Science experiments together.
8. Pick edible chestnuts together.
9. Read on the mat together.
10. Make Singaporean popiah or Chinese dumplings together if time still allows...

For those who prefer something more exciting than what we intend to do, here are more ideas for the children's activities in town:

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