Wednesday 21 October 2015


J Summary (6Y6M16D) - A Peep Into the Heart of J...

At 6.5 years old, J told me that he could not understand why people like to smoke. It is so unhealthy and smelly. The other day, J told me that he could not understand why some people like to have tattoos on their body. They look so ugly (oops, I don't meant to offend anyone here, please pardon our opinions). I was glad to hear this, as just next to his school, is a tattoo shop. It will be such bad influence and easy temptation for the children.

Today, he asked me if I would prefer to be a boy or a girl. I said I am happy that I am a girl. He said that he preferred to be a girl too. I asked him why?

It is because the boys are so wild, loud and rowdy in class. He prefers to be like the girls, because he wants to learn. That is true. His class teacher said that she will be grouping the class into boys and girls for Maths class after the autumn vacation, because the girls want to learn, and the boys are too noisy. I was a little disappointed, since J is a boy, and he will be in the boys' group. So far, I have not asked his teacher, if... hmmm... J can join the girls. I think it is still better for him to be with the boys. Hopefully I am making the right choice.

But I told J that he can still be happy to be a boy and does not have to be rowdy, loud and noisy. Daddy FECS is a boy, and Daddy FECS is not rowdy, loud and noisy.

Our Pastor shared his parenting tip during the church sermon last Sunday. He said, when his teenage children are out on their own, he and his wife will leave them with this words, when seeing them out of the door: "Make good choices."

I hope J will continue to make the right choices as he grows up. I know it takes prayers, and I will continue to pray, as just so many things are beyond our control - the heart and will of a child.

I thank God for this peep into the heart of J, and I pray that he will continue to make the right choices.

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