Sunday 4 October 2015


J Sumary (6Y6M29D) - Our School Life Adventures in Denmark... continued...

During dinner, we asked J how he liked the birthday party.

Mommy: So did you have fun?

J: Yes, it was really super fun. I was glad to be there. We had treasure hunt. We hunted for a treasure chest containing chocolate coins. I ate all of them. We have goodie bag full of sweets. I ate all of them too.

Mommy (thinking he would change his mind about not wanting to have his own birthday party next year): So, are you changing your mind about not having your own birthday party next year?

J: No, I still don't want a birthday party next year.

Mommy (puzzled): Why?

J: The party was super fun, but it was a lot of work for her parents (and that means also a lot of clean up). You don't need to do all these work. I can just attend other children's birthday parties. You can save those time to spend with me instead.

Mommy: Oh... (He is teaching me to be a Mary of the Bible, and not a Martha and he is teaching me that I don't have to keep up with the Jones).

J: And mommy, even though it is very fun, I don't need to go to all 21 birthday parties. I don't need to have all the fun. Next time, remember you have to ask me first, if I want to go ok? Don't just sign me up. I decide, ok Mommy, I decide.

Mommy: Oh... ok... (he is teaching me how to prioritize and lead a balanced life...)

J: And it is all your fault I didn't get to finish my homework. You said yes to all the parties and play dates. (He is teaching me to say no.)

Mommy: You mean, you are willing to forego going to parties and play dates so that you can do your homework?

J: Yes, if daddy and you do homework with me. I don't want to do it alone.

Mommy (is this a dream?): Oh... ok.

(Hmmm.... I just said yes to another play date invitation after school next Wednesday. Hmmm... I have just made the decision for him...)

If J really manages to live up to what he says, I think he will grow up to be a better parent than me.

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