Wednesday 28 October 2015


J Summary (6Y6M23D) - Learning from Set Backs from Piano Recitals

Our Little FECS was playing Chant Arab. In the middle of it, he got confused. He tried again and again, without succeeding. His teacher came forward to help him, and he went on to complete the song.

What is most important is not to be afraid of failure, and not to give up. It is in failure that you learn the most. If you continue and try again, and does not give up, you will succeed, and the success will be even sweeter. This is what we want to teach him.

Although he was very brave, and kept his composure, he did come crying to us after that, because he was disappointed he did not play a perfect piece. That was when we used the teachable moment God gave us to tell him that what is most important is to be brave and keep trying without giving up. And he had done that. It is more precious than success and playing a perfect tune.

This is what I love about his piano classes. Every month, the kids have to perform in front of group of "audience" - mainly parents of all the kids. Here they learn to overcome their fears, their stage fright, their failure and try again :-) They get inspired by other kids. They learn to spur each other on.

Updates 17 November 2015

Instead of moving to a new piece of song, we agreed that he should try to play Chant Arab again. At the piano recital yesterday, Our Little FECS tried again to play Chant Arab, and this time around he has made progress :-) Playing in front of a live audience can be rather unnerving. I am glad that he didn't give up :-) That's the most important.

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