Friday 30 October 2015


J Summary (6Y6M26D) - We Hit A Snag with Danish...

We hit a snag with Danish. Both Mr. FECS and I are better and more enthusiastic in doing Maths with J, than doing Danish.

Mr. FECS could pronounce Danish flawlessly, but could not quite isolate the Danish phonics sound as clearly as I have liked. I could isolate the Danish phonic sounds, but could not pronounce it flawlessly like a Dane. Besides, I don't want J to pick up my foreign Danish accent. But language is so important, perhaps more important than Maths at this age, and we can't seem to pull our socks together in the language department. Soliciting the help of J's farmor (Danish granny) is not really a solution, as his farmor isn't into doing such serious teaching (ironically she taught the French language at the university). She didn't read any books to her own kids, when they were kids. I am thinking if I should follow the Singaporean method to engage a Danish tutor to provide extra private Danish lesson with J. But engaging a tutor is so un-Danish. Perhaps I am just worrying too much.

We also have another problem with English. I am better in teaching J Chinese than the English phonics, which I don't find any interest at all.

Challenges of a cross-cultural family...


We haven't resorted to hiring a Danish tutor yet, but here is what we are doing so far on the issue:

1. I found some iPAD applications that teaches Danish phonics and let  J play with these applications.

2. I requested his teacher to record the Danish phonics. Then we try to see the videos every alternate day. After each sound, I will ask J to repeat after his teacher in the video.

3. I will try to let J spend more time with his farmor.

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