Wednesday 4 May 2016


Cucumber, Lime & Apple Juice

Serves 3 tall glasses


1. 2 cucumbers sliced into sticks
2. 2 apples sliced
3. 2 limes peeled and cut
4. 2 kiwis peeled and sliced (optional)
5. 1 packet (20g) mint leaves


Blend together in a cold-pressed juicer and serve :-)

Additional Information:

We saw this in a TV program 2 days ago and decided to try it yesterday. I made this for a friend who visited us yesterday. J was away at the school camp, leaving Mr. FECS and me. I made this for our coach time, where we watched a movie together :-) This juice is like the Mohito cocktail, just without the alcohol.

The original recipe calls for syrup. However, I substituted it with 2 apples to sweeten the drink.

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