Friday 13 May 2016


Multiplication Tables Board

This small multiplication board is an excellent way to reinforce multiplication facts to 9 x 9
The child looks at a multiplication equation, thinks of the answer, then checks by lifting up the cube
The board can be used in the same way as the Pythagoras board

Our multiplication machine puts fun math practice right at kids' fingertips
Self-directing machine is totally self-checking--great for independent, skill-building practice
Great for teaching and reinforcing multiplication with numbers 1-9
For ages 6-11 years

The child can quiz himself and learn the multiplication tables.

It engages the child, instead of the child having to sit down and just memorizing facts.

Helps keep the attention of the child. Kids love spending the time pressing the buttons.

It is great for kids to learn, however, you still have to motivate your child to use it :-)

It is available from Amazon:

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