Tuesday, 3 May 2016


J Summary (7Y1M28D): J's First School Camp

Last year, Our Little FECS couldn't part with us and we couldn't part with him. This year, he is very excited about going to his first school camp tomorrow. He is all ready to go without us. He said, "I am going to be free from my angry mom, how nice, with a grind on his face." The day before, he was packing his luggage (with my supervision). I know I am crazy in uploading so many pictures of him packing his luggage. I want to remember every single moment... It is only a one-day camp, but it marked yet another milestone. Sob sob.... Joshua is growing up, and can do without me anymore...

3 May 2016 (7Y1M29D): On his way to the school camp... J said he wouldn't miss us at all :-(, so different from last year, when he refused to go, because he said he would miss us... Boy, what a difference a year has made in school...

Our son... he is grown up now... sob sob...


4 May 2016 (7Y1M29D): Home-coming :-)

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