Wednesday 4 May 2016


What to Pack for the Diaper Bag?

Our baby hasn't arrived yet, so I am at home organizing and getting ready. I have packed the diaper bag. The internet gives many advice what to pack, but I have found that they are recommending too many things to pack in my opinion. I like it simple and not too overwhelming. Here are the essentials that I will pack in my diaper bag:

1. 3 diapers
2. 1 pack of wet wipes
3. 1 pack of tissue
4. 3 disposable plastic bags
5. 1 muslin cloth
6. 1 bib
7. 1 change of body-suit for baby
8. 1 pacifier
9. 1 small baby toy
10. 1 thermo water flask
11. 1 set of cutleries (when baby starts solid food)
12. 1 pack of 2 nursing pads
13. 1 nursing cover
14. 1 small note book 
15. 1 pen
16. Wallet (not shown on picture)
17. 1 thermo baby food flask when baby starts solid food to transport Chinese chicken/fish porridge (still missing from picture, waiting for it to arrive from my sweet sister Singapore :-))
18. 1 baby board book

Additional Information:

Ok, I mentioned that I will use my sports bag as the diaper bag, but I have to take back my words. I have been too vain, and went to buy myself a diaper bag. This is Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Black diaper bag. It is sporty, compact and unisex, so that Daddy FECS and I can just share a diaper bag, and we don't have to pack 2 separate ones. Also Daddy FECS said that if I use my favorite sports bag, I am going to wear it out. Aaawww, he was so sweet. I felt guilty spending money on a new diaper bag, but he has totally taken away my guilt :-)

It is also available from Amazon:


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