Friday 13 May 2016


J Summary (7Y2M8D): Montessori Multiplication Trays

Montessori Multiplication Lesson Trays

I am on maternity leave, and the baby has not arrived yet, so I have some time to prepare Montessori Lesson Trays. Aahhh... so nice not to have to go to work, and to have the time to concentrate on child development activities. 

Today, I prepared the lesson trays for multiplication for our Little FECS. Can't wait to try it with him, now that I am no longer working and has the time :-) I didn't have such opportunities when I was working full-time for the past months.

The only thing is... he has no time. He is busier than me now - too many play dates and birthday parties to attend in Denmark. In fact, today, he is now at a classmate's birthday party. By the time he comes home, he will be too tired :-(

Aaaahhhh.... such a cultural difference from Singapore... Even after 15 years in Denmark, I am still so very Singaporean.

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