Saturday 5 May 2012


The 10 Commandments Hopping Mat

Objective: To provide a fun and active way for young children to learn the 10 commandments

1. 1 dice
2. 1-10 homemade disposable number mats
3. Masking tape
4. 1-10 commandment flags. The following are child friendly version:

1. Love God
2. Don't worship other gods
3. Respect God's name
4. Rest on Sunday
5. Love your mommy and daddy
6. Don't hurt anyone
7. Keep your ways pure
8. Don't snatch someone's toys
9. Always tell the turth
10. Don't wish for your friend's toys

1. The children take turns to roll the dice and jump the number of space indicated by the dice.

2. When the child stops, he picks up the respective 10 commandment flag, and the teacher reads it out.

3. The child rolls the dice again and repeat until he hops to the no. 10th commandment.

4. The next child's turn to roll the dice and hope.

Additional Information:
I made this game and hope to try it out at the next Nursery lesson.

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