Saturday 5 May 2012


J Summary (3Y2M) - Loves Strawberries

When we went strawberries picking when J was 1 year old, he gobbled up strawberries happily. From 2-3 years old, he went an about turn and gave me quite a hard time with fruits and vegetables. He just didn't like strawberries. We planted strawberries last year, but he didn't finish tasting one full strawberry. Now at 3 years old, he has found liking for strawberries again and are eating them happily. He is also happy eating raw carrots. It shows that as parents, we perhaps should not worry about the children not eating fruits and vegetables, if we have introduced them to him, when he is a baby. We just need to patient and one day, the prodigal son would return home to find the goodness of fruit and vegetables again.

He also likes banana, honey melons and can tolerate peas, broccoli and raw baby spinach. But I found a way around by hiding them in his super porridge every morning.

However, I still could not get him to eat tomatoes. For some reason, I just didn't introduce tomatoes to him, when he was a baby. And until today, he hasn't developed a taste for it. He still does not like avocado.

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