Wednesday 23 May 2012


Montessori Activity: Ring, Ring, Hello Mommy!

Age: From 3 years old

1. To enrich your child's language development with conversation game.
2. To develop your child's ability to express himself.
3. To train listening ability.
4. Provide a fun way for your child to follow instruction and complete his chore.

1. 2 plastic or paper cups
2. 1 string of approx. 1.5m long.

1. Hold a telephone receiver each and find a spot to sit down.

2. Ask your child, "Where are you?"

3. Your child would answer for example, "I am sitting on the sofa calling you."

4. Invite your child to ask, if he does not do it himself, "Where are you, mommy?", to which you answer, "I am in the kitchen" for example.

5. Invite your child to find another place and continue the telephone call game.

Provide a fun way for your child to follow instruction and do his chore:

1. Mommy phone child and give him a simple instruction and ask him to your instruction to complete the task, e.g. Could you put on your clothes please? or Could you bring the newspaper to Daddy please?

2. Child complete the task as instructed.

3. Child phone Mommy back to inform Mommy and invite Mommy to give instructions for another task.

Additional Information:
This is a very simple activity and cost next to nothing. I learn of this idea from a Chinese Montessori book, which I hope to try with Joshua.

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