Tuesday 19 June 2012


Maths IQ Card Game

Age: From 10 years old

1. To teach Maths in a fun way.
2. To train mental agility

Set up:
1. Do not shuffle cards.
2. Remove the category cards and the 12 answering cards.
3. Hand both players a set of 6 answering cards (blue and light blue A, B and C cards).
4. Decide how many rounds you have to win to win the whole game.
5. Turn the deck and place one of the category cards on top of 1a as a cover card.

How to Play:
1. Take the two topmost task cards just below the cover card (leave the cover card in place).

2. Hand one of the players the blue task card and the other player the light blue task card.

3. The players start solving their tasks at the same time.

4. When a player thinks he knows the correct answer, he places the answering card with the correct colour and letter face down on the table.

5. Only the first player to place the answering card on teh table may do so.

6. Now the players swap the task cards and start solving again.

7. Again only the first player to lay down an answering card may do so.

8. After two answering cards have been laid down and the answers checked, the winner of the round is decided as follows:

- If only one player has laid down the answering cards, and both his answers are correct, he wins the round. If at least one of his answers is wrong, the other player wins.

- If both players have laid down an answering card, and both answers are right/wrong, the round is tied. If only one player has a correct answer, he wins the round.

- The game winner is the player who first wins the predetermined number of rounds.

A set of cards = 50 DKK

Addtional Information:
I saw this in a book shop, and fell in love with it. I think it makes it interesting to learn Maths, and maybe it may also increase the IQ quotient :-). I bought it to play with my niece and nephews when we are in Singapore. I look forward to playing this with Joshua, when he is older. It is unfortunately not available in Amazon.

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