Saturday 16 June 2012


Montessori Activity: Matching Colours

Age: From 2.5 years old

Objectives: To teach colours, shades and tones.

1. 1 bowl containing 10 paint swatches of different colours and shades of matching pairs.
2. 1 tray or mat.

1. Go through one round and name each of the colours of your child.

2. Hand one colour to your child and say “can you match this green colour?”

3. After one round mentioned in point 2, invite your child to match the pairs himself and ask, “What colour is this?” Encourage your child to say the name of the colour.

4. To mark completion and a sense of achievement, ask your child to wave the empty bowl after he has finished.

5. Thereafter, go through one round of naming the colours together, and if your child wishes, ask him to repeat the name of each colour after you. If you are a bilingual or trilingual family, take this opportunity to name the colours in 3 languages at this stage. It also provides variation to this activity.

Additional Information:
Joshua tried this for the first time and he enjoyed it. The curriculum right now at Joshua’s kindergarten is on colours. So this activity is good to reinforce what he is learning at the kindergarten. We named the colours in 3 different languages, English, Mandarin Chinese and Danish.

Completed :-)
Paint swatches: 1 set of 10 for 16.99 DKK from Søstrene Grene.

You might be able to get free paint swatches from your local paint shop. We couldn't. If not, you can also get it from Amazon:

Or this original one from Montessori, but it is pricey:

This is a very known Montessori Activity. We adapted ours from one of the Montessori books:

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