Saturday 2 June 2012


Montessori Activity: Teaching Big & Small Numbers with Playing Cards

Age: From 3 years old

Objective(s): To teach big and small number comparison in a fun way.

- 1 set of playing cards

1. A set of playing cards from number 1 - 10.

2. Shuffle them and divide them equally face down into 2 stacks one for you and the other for your child.

3. Your child and you each turn over a card from own stack.

4. The person with the bigger number of the two cards win and get to keep the other's card.

5. At the end of the game, invite your child to count the number of cards he has and the number of cards you have. The person with the most number of cards win.

Additional Information:
I got this idea from a Chinese book. Joshua (3Y2M27D) tried it this evening and enjoyed it more than the other game I posted earlier with playing cards. He could point to the card with the bigger number for most of the time. At one point, there was a tie with the same number one. He looked at the two cards and laughed (see below picture) He then got impatient, because he wanted to work with Montessori activity with water. I asked him whether he liked this activity. He said he did, but he couldn't wait for the next activity, which is with water.

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