Thursday 26 July 2012


Frederiksdal Fribad by Furesøen

The cozy sandy beach at Frederiksdal Fribad is child friendly, has low water, lifeguard, blue flag and a jetty to the deep water. In addition, there are plenty of room for picnics, play and relaxation.

Frederiksdal lies northwest of Copenhagen and is part of the Mølleå system. With its 941 hectares, it is the largest lake in the area and with a depth of 38 meters is the deepest lake in the country. Mølleå stream has its source in Bastrup Lake and flows approximately 40 km. through Farum Lake, Furesø and Lyngby lake before it flows into the Sound at Strandmøllen.  From the hilltop one can catch a glimpse of the 1744 century Frederiksdal Castle.  Only 10 minutes walk from Frederiksdal Fribad lies Frederiksdal old water mill, where the water level in Furesøen regulated by sluice. Here you will also find Frederiksdal canoe and boat rental, where you can rent canoes and rowboats for a whole day on the lakes. This is also the starting point for Boat tour arriving in Farum, Holte, Bagsvaerd, and Lyngby. From Frederiksdal is approx. 1 km to Sophienholm at Bagsvaerd lake, which has changing art exhibitions.

Slope leading to the Frederiksdal Fribad:

30 May 2018

Virum Vandvej 7,
2800 Kongens Lyngby


Bus 191 kører from Lyngby station. Alight at Frederiksdal
Bus 170 from Lyngby station. Alight at Furesø Parken. Approx. 15 minutes journey excluding walking time.


Virum Vandvej 36, Furesøvej 1A or Frederiksdalsvej 358


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