Friday 27 July 2012


J Summary (3Y4M23D) - Missing School Time

A friend of mine cautioned me that I may be too demanding on J with doing School Time, and that he should play and have other fun in his life. Young children should play and not do school. Honestly, J does play a lot. He plays the whole day in the Danish kindergarten (Danish kindergarten does not have any academic curriculum at all, unlike Singapore.) He plays the whole time on weekend apart from 1.5 hour of School Time with Mommy. But nevertheless, I was filled with a little self-doubt and reflected over it whether I am imposing onto him my wishes. These two days, we have not done School Time, as we have been out enjoying the sun, swimming in the Furesø lake. Last night, we reached home very late and J only went to bed at 10pm.

Tonight after we came home from swimming and playing at the lake, J was hungry. He had a cup of milk and a banana. After that, he asked to go upstairs for School Time. I said, no, that it was way too late after bedtime. While putting him to bed, he asked again for School Time and asked to read one book. I said no, as we came home late. We chose to use the time to go to the lake, and thus we were not going to have School Time today.

J said that it was me who chose to come home late, and he said that we should have come home earlier so that we could do School Time. He was clearly having fun when we were there, but he told me that he would have been happy to finish swimming earlier and come home. He said that since it was me who came home late, it was not his fault, and he was thus entitled to School Time. I relented and we read one book, before he went to bed. I am amazed that it was him, the child who was telling mommy that mommy hadn't been discipline enough and over-shot time playing!!!

I no longer feel that I am the one who is imposing on J or directing him towards School Time. I didn't put any pressure on him at all, but he really wanted it himself. Next time, when someone tells me that I am putting pressure on a young child, I can look that person in the eyes and say, it is really J who desires School Time, I haven't force it on him. I have tested it by taking School Time away, and J asked for it back.

Am I raising a nerd? So be it. J is J, and what's wrong with liking School Time? At three years old, he is asking for School Time on his own initiative. I don't have to nag at him to do homework.I wonder whether this will last, and that he will still be self-motivated with doing School and homework, when he becomes a child between 7 - 12 years old? Time will tell. He is very sensible at three years old. Will he still be as sensible when he is becomes a child and even a teenager? I can only do my best as a mom and continue to pray hard. Regardless, I cherish today's memory close to my heart.

I have to make more effort to incorporate School Time into our routine. But ok, given the amount of time in a day, we sometimes cannot do everything. But it is really ok to miss School Time on some days.

Here is a toast to continue our School Time!

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