Saturday 9 March 2013


A Prayer for the Day

Do you sometimes wake up feeling grumpy? That's how I felt on some days... And today, because I woke up too late on a precious Saturday morning.

It helps to start the day with a prayer:

"Dear God

Help me to be warm and cheerful today.

Give me the energy to face an active child...

The wisdom to prioritize smelling the roses... and not to feel lousy about all the items in my to-do list waiting to be crossed out...

The ability to be present for the moment...

And the grace to overlook all imperfections and lower my expectations...

The discipline and self-control to switch off my iPhone, iPad, laptop, work mail, Facebook and blog...

And deliver me from the temptation to switch them back on!

I entrust our day to you.

Teach me to learn to do the right things rather than doing things right.

Thank you, Dear God, for giving me the chance to learn to be less efficient and ambitious.

In Jesus time, I pray, Amen."

For a person with a weakness for being highly efficient, such a prayer is what I need. You may not have the same struggles as me, so your prayer will be different, but trust me, God will help you too.

Today is a fantastic sunny day, so I will learn to take it easy and enjoy.

I will log off now.

Have a great weekend!

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