Saturday 16 March 2013


J Summary (4Y0M11D) - Tracing Chinese Characters for the First Time

J had completed tracing the English alphabet, so today 16 March 2013 (4Y0M11D) was the first time we started tracing Chinese characters.

The first Chinese character he traced was "人" - meaning human being. There is an old Chinese saying that my parents told me when I was young: "写人这个字容易,做人难。" meaning writing the word human "人" is very simple and easy, but knowing how to be a human or living out the human life is not as simple and easy. It requires wisdom to be lead a life as a human being, to know the right things, to know the principles of being a human, to live in harmony with people, to live a life of integrity, to face the hardships and difficulties in life, to lead a fulfilled, productive and full life - all of these require wisdom. The Chinese (I believe it goes for all human beings) struggle with life and being a human since ancient times, resulting in such an old Chinese saying.

The good thing which I find comforting is for Christians, we don't have to struggle through the human life alone. God is there for us.

J also traced "大" meaning big in Chinese.

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  1. Hello fellow singaporean! For the longest time, I couldn't find another singaporean mom blogging on montessori/homeschool activities, so I'm very glad to have found yours! :) nice to see that you make an effort to teach your son mandarin! :)


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