Sunday 3 March 2013


Some Excellent Leap Frog Videos

Soon J is turning 4, and I am slowing allowing him to see more videos, but mainly those with excellent educational content, rather than pure entertainments.

Some of the Leap Frog videos are very well-made, fun to watch and educational. They are also of the right duration of about 30 minutes each for a full movie.

For convenience, you can buy them in DVDs from Amazon. For those who has a tight budget, you can also watch some of them for free from Youtube:

Leap Frog Letter Factory

Leap Frog Talking Words

Leapfrog Storybook Factory

Leap Frog Word Caper

Leap Frog Maths Circus

Leapfrog A Tad Of Christmas Cheer

This video provides a good story.

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