Saturday 30 March 2013


Reflection: Modern Life

So too often, we get so caught up in fulfilling our to-do list... that we don't minister... we don't minister to the needs of others... cause we are not present, we are not listening.

While we are having breakfast, our minds go through the hundreds of things we need to do... get the soil for the gardening, pick up the photos, send shoes for repair, buy a replacement battery for that gadget, get that gift for the party, return the ligts to a store, to get light bulb so that we can change it, go to the car exhibition, help our parents to get a stereo, etc. etc.... and the list go on...


Because we need to maintain the household - these are real needs, but also because of vanity - not all are real needs, but because we want a

All are well and good, but what is the balance?

We need to simplify our lives.

We are having breakfast on a Saturday morning, but our minds are already on the next activity we need to accomplish... on a Saturday morning, while the shops in Denmark are open.

The state of modern life...

I quote - Love Your Life by Victoria Osteen:

"...the pressures of the modern family is complicated by the pressures of the modern world, we often struggle to find a healthy balance between carrer, family and relationships"

I see this in many others, I see this in us... and I see this in J too already at the age of 4.

This morning, J work up and told me that I should hurry up and wake up now, otherwise, we will not have enough time to do all the activities...

I asked him, "What activities?"

He said, "the Montessori activities, the letter box activities, reading, running on scooter, etc. etc."

I should be happy. Here is a very self-motivated boy already at 4 years old.

But here is also the making of a very busy ant...

We had a very nice day yesterday... we baked buns, and did many things amonst others, but at the end of the day, J was upset. I asked him why. He said that the baking took too long, we did not have time for Montessori activities, for the alphabet box, and he said that I should have told him that baking could take such a long time. Since baking takes such a long time, he would not want to do it again.

Hard work and self-motivation, all the qualities of the human race, are but a double-edged sword.

Too much of a good thing, skill or quality may not be a good thing.

It requires the wisdom to handle our qualities well.

Here I am lacking...

Here I pause without saying a word...

I pray for wisdom as a mom, as a wife, as a working woman, and I pray for our family.

For the wisdom to strike a balance...

Our family is still struggling to find that balance.

I wish for all of you too, that you will receive wisdom and love as you pray and navigate through this journey call life.

Have a meaningful and blessed Easter, one which is filled with love and the presence of God.

Dear God,

Please help me to truly listen with my heart to others. It is only with your wisdom, that I could do so. Help me to extend grace to others when they too fail to listen to me. It is only with your peace that we could do so. Help us to simplify our lives, so that we can truly listen to others. Thank you for your redemptive grace on this Easter day, as You continue to mold me to be the person you want me to me. Help me to look to the Cross. Thank you for not giving up on me and help me dear God.

In Jesus most victorious name I pray,

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