Friday 8 March 2013


J's 4th Year Old Birthday Present

I wouldn't know what to choose for a boy, and Daddy chose a car racing track for J's 4th year old birthday.
It is something that Daddy liked and played as a child. Daddy was back from his overseas trip and father and son had a great time together playing with the birthday present. So this is a classic toy that most, if not all boys, would love. There isn't much educational value to it, but it does train your agility.
You will need good control in terms of the speed so that the cars do not run off track and can go around the loop. So that would be good training :-) So at least this satisfy mommy's criteria that every toy has got to have some kind of "educational" value :-)
We bought it from Toy R Us, but it is also available from Amazon:

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