Thursday 13 June 2013


Going Down Memory Lane On Baby First Food...

13 September 2009 (6M8D) - At 6 months old, J eating the amount equivalent to only the size of a sauce dish

It has been almost 4 years ago since J was a baby just starting on solids. I remembered how excited I was, as a new and inexperienced mom (I still am an inexperience mom coping with the different stages), learning to introduce solids to J. I remembered reading up, and recording my research on introducing solids to baby and how much a baby should eat.

My sister is now starting to introduce solid to her baby, has some questions for me. I am so glad that I have recorded everything (well, almost everything :-)). Reading through the journals brought back so much pleasant memories, lots of hard work, but lots of joy. I was almost 5 years younger than, and boy, I wondered how I managed to write so much, juggling taking care of a young baby!

If there is one thing that pays off, it is that all my journals and posts have been helpful to my sister. That made it all the effort worth to record down in my blog.

Here is a pulling together of the series that I wrote on introducing solids to baby, for the benefit of my sister and making it easier to navigate my blog:

1. My views on baby first food and a list of foods to introduce in a suggested order:

2. When solids is established, here is a guide to how much a baby should be eating:

3. If you are making your own baby food, here is menu planning using baby food cubes:

4. This is important because Baby needs fats for brain development. Here is a post on good and bad fats:

5. Here is my basket of recipes for Essential Baby First Food (6-8 mths) 婴儿辅食

6. Here is my basket of recipes for Essential Baby First Food (8-12 mths) 婴儿辅食

7. Here is An Essential Super Porridge Breakfast for Toddlers:

8. Toddler's Menu Planning + Daily Consumption Log for Toddler

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  1. Wow sis, thanks! this is amazing! Yongzheng now eats 3 times a day and his poop is really smeeeelllyyyy...


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