Thursday 13 June 2013


JN Summary - Celebrating JN's Progress

Although JN's value is not determined by accomplishment, I also want to recognize his efforts and progress.

I am so proud of JN, for all the efforts that he is making, the progress he is reaching and the successes he is achieving...

1. JN took the initiative to make his own bed.

2. JN took the initiative to do Maths exercises without prompting from me.

3. JN developed the good habits of doing Khan Academy everyday and got a good habit badge.

4. JN was very sweet to J.

5. JN suggested himself to cook a dish for us - stir-fried carrot with eggs (I have taken a picture).

6. JN has made vast improvement in his hand-writing since a year ago, and I am very pleasantly surprised that both his English letters and Chinese characters are very neat.

7. JN tried to keep things neat and tidy and has made good improvement in organization skills.

8. JN has taken the self-discipline to cut down on playing computer games and watching TV (it is probably easier since all the programs are in Danish)

9. JN has been faithfully taken on the task of fetching J back from the kindergarten.

10. JN was very kind to J and took care of him like an older brother.

11. JN helped to carry ma's luggages without complaining.

12. JN helped to wash J's granny's car and J's granny was very pleased with it.

13. A parent of the kindergarten commended JN for being a good and responsible boy and for playing well with the children there.

And JN, you should know that God is very proud of you too.

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