Monday 3 June 2013


How To Store Your LEGO?

It can frustrate a child if his LEGO toys are not properly sorted and stored. Never store all the Lego bricks - big and small - in one single big bucket. The small bricks sink to the bottom and get lost.

However, don't over organize your LEGO too, as you would dread to have to spend so much time just to sort them back, that you just want them to sit pretty and untouched, and that will defeat the purpose. Here is an overview of our LEGO:

We have found a way that works for us. Here is how we store J's Lego:

1. Use shallow and wide transparent boxes. Don't use deep hard-to-reach-to-the bottom cases. We use the Swedish Smart box series (40 x x30 x 12 cm), but any similar type of transparent boxes will do the job:

2. First, store the regular bricks together in a box regardless of the sizes of the bricks in a shallow box:

3. Next, have a shallow box for the large odd-size bricks:

4. Use a small transparent box (21 x 17 x 6cm) to store the medium odd-size bricks - mainly the arch bricks and slanted bricks in the container for medium size bricks:

5. For the small odd-sized bricks, store them into box divided by compartments and sort them in by shapes and themes. We have the following categories:

- wheels,
- pulleys,
- people,
- people accessories,
- animals,
- food,
- tools,
- transport

This method allows J and us to find the lego bricks easily when we are playing with them as well as facilitate a fast and painless clean-up after playing. At the same time, it is not too complex for J to sort them back himself during clean up time.
6. Use standard sized containers that fit nicely when stacked up. This will save you space and headaches. Here is our collection, which fits nicely into our Expedit compartment when stacked up:
7. We place the J's finished work on a tray:

We allocate a shelf space for J's finished work as well as the table top space near his bed:


8. Keep to a modest size for a child (unless you are a LEGO collector):

To keep a manageable modest amount of LEGO, we encourage J to dismantle his works. In order to make it less "painful", we encourage him to take a picture before dismantling it. Here are some pictures, top taken by Daddy and bottom taken by J:

This morning we sneaked downstairs and caught a shot of J playing with his Lego, while waiting for us to prepare breakfast. At 4 years old, he is quite good in keeping them neat, and sorting them back. We don't have the problem of him creating a big mess, nor leaving LEGO all over the house. He is a neat freak like us.

You can find such transparent boxes from Amazon:

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