Tuesday 11 June 2013


Suitable Jobs for People with ADHD

Two days ago, I attended a very interesting career workshop conducted at my workplace. We live in a changing world, and we need to keep up-to-date and adapt. We were given practical tips on what we can do to advance our career. To quote the one thing that I took away from the career workshop:

"Luck is preparation meets opportunity."

According to the speaker, preparation for job interview takes place years earlier, and not just before the interview. Preparation in terms of getting the progressive education and experience needed towards the job. How true. We are advised to prepare ourselves well so that we are ready when opportunity comes. We are very fortunate and privileged to have the opportunity to attend career workshop, to have these resources well-organized and available for us to help us succeed.

As I sat in the career workshop, I could not help, but think of my nephew who is struggling with ADHD. ADHD is characterized by restlessness, an inability to focus, disorganization - all the things which may prevent a person from getting and holding on to a job. To give JN the credit, compared to a year ago, when I went to Singapore to help provide a structure and routine to his day, JN has actually improved in his organization skills. And a peaceful home environment would help in his organization skills development.

What can he do to make a living when he grows up? What kind of career options could he explore? I can't help but worry, and yet we should not worry. Instead, we should just be proactive. Each one will find his way, but as I can, I will lend a helping hand. The career workshop actually helped me to help my nephew to find his passion. It takes of course trial and error to find out, and it is a good time to start now.

The career workshop led me to think hard and to research more into the type of career options that would be suitable for people with ADHD, that my nephew could explore and prepare himself as he grows up into an adult:

1. Salespeople
2. Entrepreneur
3. Photographer
4. Tour guíde
5. IT Helpdesk
6. Web designer
7. High-intensity working environments such as emergency department of the hospital
8. Logistics specialist
9. Nurse
10. Chef
11. High-intensity logistics & Humanitarian relief operations
12. UN volunteer
13. Technical jobs requiring field installation and repair of high-tech equipment
14. Mechanic
15. QA Inspector
16. Fitness instructor
17. Sportsman
18. Camp counselor
19. Counselling and ministerial jobs
20. Scientific exploration
21. Scientific exploration
22. Advertising
23. Entertainers
24. Designer
25. Architect
26. Musician
27. Artist
28. Detective
29. Hair-dresser
30. Police officers
31. Firefighter
32. Civil Defence
33. Taxi driver

I believe that everyone has one's own special talent and there is a place for everyone. We just need to find the right fit and prepare children with ADHD for the future, as much as we can, and for the rest, we leave it in the loving hands of our God.

No, I am not sorry that my nephew is born to struggle with ADHD. God has a special purpose for him. Having someone in the near family struggling with this helps me to accept differences people in a more heart-felt way. It helps me to understand that the naturally strong organization talent that I have is not something that comes easily for others, that some people actually struggle so hard with it. It teaches me to be patient with people. It also helps me to be a better manager at work, to be more tolerant.

God created my nephew special and God created all of us special. Despite the social challenge, we are thankful for ADHD. There is a purpose for it. We just need to live out each of our life's purpose.

I hope J would grow up to be tolerant of different people too. I thank God for the "ADHD" blessing.

This actually gives JN and me another conversation topics that we can talk about :-)


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