Thursday 27 June 2013


Lessons Learned From Playing 4-In-A-Row

J started out smiling
Age: From 5 years old

Objectives: To teach counting objects in a fun way

 1. 4-In-A-Row game

1. Each player takes 21 counters and takes turns to place a counter in the grid in etierh direction and place in vertical position.

2. The first player to get 4-in-a-row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins the game.

Additional Information:
We played 4-in-a-row game today. J started out smiling. I won every single game. J protested. He couldn't take the loss graciously. I refused to give in, as I think he should learn how to take loss well. He burst into tears.

In came sweet Daddy, and suddently from then on, J had been winning every game.

I think Daddy wasn't preparing J well for the real world and was over-protecting. J has to learn to face the real world.

After reflecting, I think Daddy could be right, if the doses were dispensed right.

Lessons learned:
1. J was too young for competitive game. I will put this away from now. It may be too much to prepare him for the real world through competitive game. I will put away this game for now and re-introduce it later. (Similarly, this showed me that it goes the same for competitive sports. It is too young for a 4 year old boy for such a competitive sports such as soccer)

2. I should demonstrate the game and help him understand the game better by letting him get 4-in-a-row instead of showing him how to get 4-in-a-row by me getting them myself.

3. It may not be too bad after all using Daddy's method in an appropriate measure. Home is after all where one gets the security and warm after coming home from the real world. Daddy and I are complementing each other in our parenting.

J started out smiling

J burst into tears after losing every single game to Mommy

In came sweet Daddy to the rescue, and suddenly J was winning every single game... hmmm

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