Thursday 22 August 2013


J Summary (4Y5M17D) - Good Bye Stuart

The beige teddy bear in the middle is Stuart, and he is looking a little sad :-(

J woke up this morning and told Daddy in Danish, "Far, jeg har tænkt over det. Jeg er en stor dreng nu, og jeg behøver ikke at sove med bamse mere."

"Daddy, I have thought about it. I am a big boy now, and I don't need to sleep with teddy bear any more."

And J put Stuart up on the shelf this morning. He doesn't play with Stuart anymore. He doesn't need to bring Stuart along to where he goes. He doesn't sleep with Stuart anymore.

Wow, so matured!!! But wait, J, please DON'T grow up so fast.

Sob, sob... our boy is growing up too fast...

I asked Daddy, if he had encouraged him to give up the teddy bear. He said no. So this was all on J's own.

In fact, he hadn't been sleeping with Stuart for the past week. But today, it is for good. But, of course, J added that he will bring Stuart back, if he misses him.

And me? I am feeling kindda nostagic about the whole thing, happy that our boy is growing up and becoming more mature, and sad that this phase is gone.

I also feel a little sorry for Stuart. But why am I feeling so much for Stuart??? It is only a teddy bear and not a living thing.

I guess deep inside, Stuart kindda personify me. What happened to Stuart today will happen to Daddy and me one day.

One day, J will say the same thing to us, "Mommy and Daddy, I have thought over it. I am a big boy now. I don't need to sleep beside with you anymore. I don't need to tag along wherever you go anymore. I don't need to play with you anymore."

And he will put us "on the shelf." we will of course be very happy for his independence, but we will be very nostagic.

Sob, sob, sob... and I am recording this down for memory of a phase passed.

I am more certain and assured about our decision now. Time is really short.

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