Sunday 4 August 2013


Fun with "Toy" Camera

At 4 years old, J has become very interested in taking pictures. He often requested to use our camera. But we didn't think that it would be a good idea to risk the camera in his hands. We could, of course, get him a toy camera, but a toy camera which cannot take picture is cheap, but not so fun. A toy camera that can take real pictures are too expensive.

We had an old digital camera that could still take pictures, although it is not taking pictures as good as it did before. 

What do we do with it? It would be a pity to throw it away. So we made it into J's toy. It is better than toy camera, and we do not have to worry about J dropping or spoiling it.

So Daddy labeled the camera with J's name and gave it to J as a present this June. J was elated. He started snapping right away. (On hindsight, we should not have bought him a birthday present, but we should have given him the old camera for his birthday present.)

Putting a label on it made the camera special and also made J feel special. Furthermore, it provided a clear difference between our camera and J's camera.

It is amazing how much fun the old camera provides, more lasting than many other toys, and J doesn't get tired of it.

Initially, many of the pictures were just wasting memory space, so to speak. He is still not a pro, but he has improved. Here are some of the more "decent" pictures that he has taken:

The camera is put to good use, when we go on sight-seeing. J took pictures of things and sights he saw, which was interesting. Here is a picture he took on our day out as "tourists" in our own city, which J found it quite funny :-):

I made a post about creating a "Memory Wall" with pictures of just the two of you. It now comes in handy that J could help us take a picture of the two of us. Today, we went to Copenhagen downtown's latest marina promenade for a walk and J helped us take a picture of us for memory. J now automaticallly offer to help us take a picture of ourselves:

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