Saturday 31 August 2013


Fun with Bread Letters

letter D
J showing letter o that he made
Age: From 2 years old

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

1. To teach letters in a fun way.

1. Bread
2. Butter knife

1. Cut and shape letters from the bread with hand and butter knife.

2. Show to your child and say its sound and name.

3. Ask your child to repeat after you.

1. Show the letter and ask your child what letter it is.

Additional Information:
4.8.2013 - This was J's idea (4Y3M29D). He made an O himself, and said to me, "Mommy, see 'o'." I thought this is a good idea, and made more letters and we practised the letters. J was really thrilled and having a lot of fun. I must remember to repeat this activity again as a way to revise his letters in a fun way.

letter h

letter H

letter n

letter d

letter j

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