Thursday 30 January 2014


J Summary (4Y10M26D) - Chinese New Year Decoration

My dad wanted J to hear the sound of firecrackers, as it is so much part of Chinese New Year. So he bought me this humongous firecracker decoration, that we did not know how to fit it into our luggage to bring it back from Singapore. My Significant Other normally would complained that I buy too many things back from Singapore, to my surprise did not complain at all. He also managed to fit it into our luggage amazingly, giving me a sign of relief and gratitude.

Back home in Copenhagen, on my day off from work, I finally managed to find time to dress our home up a little with J for the Chinese New Year, so that he would have the concept of it and remember Chinese New Year as part of his childhood. J was very excited about dressing the home up.

So often, I fear not having a language to communicate with my son. I am not able to express my feelings in Danish, and J is not fluent in Chinese and English, and I fear so much that he will never be fluent in Mandarin. Language is the key to the heart. The kind of agony and feeling of emotional separation no one can really understand, except those in a cross-cultural marriage and family. Yet, from this experience, it was like God speaking quietly to me that J will remember his heritage, bringing me much comfort. Thank you God, for your quiet assurance. I will trust in You, O Lord.

Back to the CNY Decoration, it gave me headache to find a suitable place to hang the humongous fire cracker decoration. I scratched my head real hard over where to hang it. I was almost giving up, then J reminded me that we should honour our parents and we will get long life from God, and that I should not give up and that I should hang it up.

I taught him that he should be nice to gong gong in Singapore. We brought my parents for morning walk at Tiong Bahru Park. When gong gong said things that annoyed J, I mentioned briefly to J that it was mentioned in the Bible that we should honour our parents so that we will have long life. It was very brief, and I am amazed that he remembered it.

Of course, it is not simply because we want to have long life that we honour our parents, but that because we love our parents and we love them with the love of God. I knew in my heart that J had learned the lesson, when he reminded me of the Bible verse.

Back again to the Chinese decoration, we did not give up, and J and I found a place to hang it up as shown above. Here is a picture of J below.

I hold this memory close to my heart.

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