Saturday 18 January 2014


JN Summary - Growing into a Fine Young Man with a Healthy Self-Esteem

Oh how thankful I am for the progress he has made. JN has a healthy outlook and triving. I no longer sense such a low self-esteem.

I was back in SG and invested some time to have some one-to-one time with JN today. JN came to our hotel. We went to the Gym together and had a swim at the hotel together with J and Daddy. We had sushi at Citylink together. Then JN and I went for a long walk along Marina Bay and MBS, while Daddy went back with J and put J to bed. JN stopped by to try to meet his mom during her work break. I was happy that he made the effort and wanting to see his wife during the break. JN and I sat down at the MBS Singapore river front and chit chat. It was a nice cool evening with the breeze blowing as we sat there.

For the first time, he shared about more deeper things in life - the usual challenges a typical teenager faces. I am very glad to have the privilege of him opening up and sharing to me as a friend. I think that it what all parents hope for when their children is a teenager. JN would be turning 14 years old this year. I hope that J would do the same, when he becomes a teenager.

JN has made much progress in school. He passed all his final secondary 1 exams in 2013 and with better improved grades. He served as volunteer with his teacher Mr. Tan making pine-apple tarts at the Hidding Place (a Christian based organization in Singapore providing shelter to youth on the edge and drug addicts where his form Mr. Tan is volunteering as a teacher and tutor helping these youths with their "O" levels).

JN doing well in school and is doing his homework responsibly without prompting. All these changes are amazing and miraculous considering someone with ADHD, and I thank God for graciously giving us all these fruits. JN's father reported that JN is more matured now, thus confirming my observations.

I am jotting all these down to remember them.

Of course, the work is not complete, and there are still challenges. But dear God, thank you for answering my prayers so far, proving that You are a real, faithful and loving God, wanting the best for us, a God whom we can completely trust.

I will continue to trust God that God will continue to walk with JN, guide him and mold him into a fine young man with character.I

t has been a high price to pay for my going part-time, yet God has rewarded and returned to me much more precious than what money could never buy. Thank you dear God for your blessings.

When doubts set in, when anxiety is near, I will disband it and remember all God's faithfulness in answered prayers such as this. Thank you God. When facing discouragements and disappointments in life that brings me low, I want to remember all these things that I am thankful for.

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