Friday 3 October 2014


How To Deal with Bully at the Kindergarten?

In the kindergarten, it is common to encounter children making fun of one another. Daddy taught J how to deal with such situation. If your child does not like what others say to him, here are a few ideas you can teach him to say:

1. Say, "Rend & hop" (Danish: Rap og hop)

Teach your child to say with a smile, "Rap og hop," and make hopping action to accompany it. According to J, do this first. Usually the other kid who said the mean thing would hop and hop away. That was what happened, when J said it to his friends.

2. Say, "That one Says, is one himself" (Danish: Det man siger, er man selv)

In Danish, there is a saying that you can teach your child to say with a smile, "Det man siger, er man selv, fordi det står i Aktuelt." In English, it means "What one says, is one himself or herself. Usually the guilty child will stop saying the annoying stuff after this.

J has composed a melody to go along with it (with my help with accompaniment).

J narrating:

J singing:

3. Say, "Mirror" (Danish: Spejl)

If the first two don't work, teach your child to say with a smile, "Mirror," and then walk away. Don't linger with it. It is end here. Full stop.

In Danish, the child says, "Spejl."

Additional Information:

When J encountered teasing at the kindergarten some time ago, I got upset and a little hurt on his behalf. I wanted soooo much to shield him from all the unpleasant encounters in life. On hindsight, I have learned to change my paradigm. I have learned to see it as a good opportunity for him to grow and become stronger, which will help him to face whatever that life may throw at us. 

There is a purpose for our child to encounter the good and the not-so-good. 

It gives us a chance to share his pain, to find ways to teach him how to deal with difficult people (little people in his case) with confidence and with grace.

And yesterday, a friend of mine told me that her daughter has similar encounters at the kindergarten. Because of our experience, we are able to share with her. 

It has also inspired J to compose a song (with help with accompaniment form me) to share with other kids facing similar situation.

Another lesson we learned is that everything will come to past. Since then, J has not longer encountered any teasing. And in fact he has become one of the most popular boys in this class - this of course, will also come to pass.

So God has worked all things out for good (Romans 8:28). In all challenges in life, God has a greater purpose for allowing us to go through it. We have to remember that.

Tune by piano and music notes version 1 of Det man siger, er man selv:

Tune by piano and music notes version 2 of Det man siger, er man selv:

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