Thursday 23 October 2014


J Summary (5Y7M18D) - I Believe in God

This morning, J was clicking on the National Geographic app. from the iPad and saw many photos of magnificent nature. He asked, "Mommy, are these painting or photos?"

I said they are photos.

J then asked, "Did the people take these photos because they want others to "tro paa Gud" (believe in God in English)?

I said maybe if they believe in God, but I think people took the pictures of scenery, because they are so awesome and beautiful. These photos showed the glory of the creation of God. Nature is not God. Nature speaks of the glory of God."

J accepted Christ on 6 April 2012 on Good Friday at a tender age of 3 years old, and I wondered if he really understood the meaning. So every now and then, I will ask him if he believes in God and Jesus.

So I asked him this morning, "Do you believe in God? (Tror du paa Gud?)"

He said, "Yes, I believe in God."

Curious and wanting to hear why and what made him believe in God, I asked, "Why do you believe in God?"

J replied, "I just believe in God."

What confidence! What simple, firm, blind faith - I believe in God. Full-stop.

There is so much unbelief in the world today, and as we grow older, it seems it is harder for us to believe. There are many doubts.

I have questions, I have doubts. But God is there to help our unbelief. God does not despise our doubts. He is loving and understanding. He made us thinking and intelligent beings. We can take our doubts to Him in faith (ok, I know this is an oxymoron - taking our doubts to him in faith!)

Blindly believe, blindly trust - this will inevitably invite the ridicule from the world and make us a laughing stock.

But yet, I have to humble myself to learn from J - the simple faith of a little child.

The Bible says that childlike faith is crucial to entering the kingdom of God:

"Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” - Luke 8:17

God made this verse comes alive and helped me to understand it by seeing the simple blind faith of a little child, of our own child.

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