Monday 9 November 2015


A Mommy's & Daddy's Family Tradition Day

What do I mean by Mommy's & Daddy's Family Tradition Day? This means once a year, replicate the dinner that your mum used to make during your childhood. The above is a typical 3-course dinner my mum used to prepare for us freshly daily for us.

Last night, I made my mum's Chinese stir-fry vegetable caixin. But guess what did we serve it with? With Danish roast beef and potatoes. It didn't go so well together at all, and wasn't so "shiok" (Singlish for satisfied). The other day, we had Chinese ABC soup with Spaghetti with meat sauce. Again, it didn't go so well together. But I couldn't be a perfectionist, get my act together all the time and put together everything so nicely in our daily life.

As I went about with chores in the kitchen this morning, suddenly this idea came into my mind. Why not have a family tradition once a year, where we will eat the 家常便饭 food that my mother used to serve us for dinner during childhood. On this day, I could replicate my mum's 3-course dinner - a meat, a vegetable and a soup served with rice.

This will typically be stir-fry caixin, fried fish and Chinese carrot and potato soup (what people usually call the Chinese ABC soup).

Sometimes, my mum did not have so much time, she would fry an egg. It would usually be the Chinese pocket egg 荷包蛋. If it is too challenging to make a 3-course dinner, I could serve stir-fry caixin, fry an egg and serve the Chinese ABC soup.

I have decided that such a day will be in November. November is the month when the weather in Denmark grows cold, dark and wet. It is also usually the month that I am most homesick. We usually go to Singapore once a year, and come November, I would have been away from Singapore nearly a year, and that is when I start feeling more and more homesick. So this day, I will plan in advance, so that all the dishes will complement one another.

I would also dedicate one day a year, where we will cook for J the food my mother-in-law used to cook for my hubby, when he was a child. There are many dishes she made, of course. I will have to ask Mr. FECS what dish it will be.

Chinese stir-fry caixin
You can find the recipe here:

Chinese ABC Soup
You can find the recipe here:

Chinese pocket egg 荷包蛋
You can find the recipe here:

Since I have prepared all the food for this blog post, we had our Mother's Family Tradition Day today. We had my childhood's dinner, when J came back from school, before we went off to the piano class.

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