Saturday 7 November 2015


FECS' Sick Day Family Tradition

J came down with fever last night. This means that it is an opportunity for the FECS' Sick Day Family Tradition to spring into action - i.e. cold towel on the forehead passed down from my side of the family to bring down the temperature and give relief; and the honey pill passed down from Mr. FECS' side of the family (Mr. FECS will mix Panadol pounded into powder with honey, that he learned from his dad).

Boy, it was tiring to keep on putting cold towel on his forehead to relieve his discomfort. I thought of my mother, I didn't know how she did it!

We asked J how he felt. He said he felt good bathing in the love of mom and dad :-)

Usually this is followed by lots of reading throughout the day by mommy or daddy, and our Little FECS gets a chance to watch a video with blanket draped around his shoulders and  cup of hot honey water in his hands.

Do you have a Sick Day Family Tradition? What do you typically do when your children fall sick? Is yours similar to ours?

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