Thursday 6 July 2017


Montessori Activity: Letter Pasta Sensory Box

Age: From 1 year old

1. To stimulate your child's five senses

1. 1 transparent box
2. Base materials made of 4 packets of pasta
3. 26 letter magnets
4. 1 bowl and 1 ladle (optional)

1. Invite your baby to pick the box off the shelf to the floor, helping her along the way.
2. Invite your baby to dig into it.
3. If she picks up a letter, say the sound of the letter for her.
4. After playing, invite your baby to bring the box back to the shelf.

Additional Information:
I prepared this for Baby FECS to try today 6 July 2017 (1Y1M20D). Any toy that has base material to form a sensory box tends to be more interesting for kids to play with.

It has been 6 years ago since I first prepared a Montessori sensory box for our Little FECS. He is now 8 years old. Brings back lots of memories as I begin my Montessori journey with Baby FECS.

6 July 2017 (1Y1M20D): Baby FECS playing with Montessori Letter Pasta Sensory Box

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