Friday 28 July 2017


Mountain of Cushions Baby Obstacle Course

Age: From 1 year old

Objective: To facilitate gross motor skills development

1. A few cushions of different sizes

1. Stack cushions into a moutain around for baby to crawl and climb over.
2. Change position and line cushions around the floor.
3. Change and place cushions as stones in a river (not shown in picture)

Additional Information:
28 July 2017: After bringing Baby FECS out for a few days to various places including outdoor playgrounds and farms, I got really tired and decided to stay at home today. I also need to get some house chores done.

While at home, I have finally decided to brave the mess and took the cushions from the sofa to make them into some kind of an obstacle course for Baby FECS, but she (1Y2M12D) was more interested in climbing up the window instead!!! So much for the work of preparing the obstacle course!!! I felt more tired after that. Some days are like that :-)

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