Wednesday 12 July 2017


Montessori Activity: Rice Sensory Box

Age: From 1 year old

1. To stimulate your child's five senses

1. 1 transparent box
2. Base materials made of 2 packets of rice
3. Some small toys that your child like
4. 1 bowl and 1 ladle (optional)

1. Invite your baby to pick the box off the shelf to the floor, helping her along the way.
2. Invite your baby to dig into it.
3. After playing, invite your baby to bring the box back to the shelf.

Additional Information:
Baby FECS tried this forthe first time today 12 July 2017 (1Y1M26D). After a while, she made too much mess out of it, as she pour the rice onto the floor. I had to end the activity. But  it turned to a fun activity for our Little FECS to help clean up by the mess with a vacuum cleaner:-)

 12 July 2017 (1Y1M26D)

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