Wednesday 20 March 2019


Homemade Orange Soda

Makes 2 small (Rosendahl) glasses or 1 large (Rosendahl) glass

1. 1 orange juiced
2. 1 cup (250 ml) soda water
3. 4 TBS honey or 2 TBS sugar

1. Squeeze one orange by hand and pour the juice into a glass.
2. Add soda water and honey or sugar, stir and mix well, and ready to serve :-)

Personal Journal:
I was upset with our Little FECS over some work that he didn't do consistently this morning, or for which I found to be sloppy, and that made him very sad and upset. We went into the crazy virtual cycle, and we ended up both very sad and upset.

When he came back from school, I apologized and asked him to forgive mommy, which he so graciously did. I made it up by doing a fun activity together. I know he is very interested in making soda recently (although he doesn't drink soda on a regular basis, and doesn't actually like the bubbles, until lately because all his classmates love soda). Thus, today we made an orange soda together.

He drank his soda, while doing his Chinese homework, and we are both happy again. Thank God.

We learned a lot along way about soda. We learned that it takes a lot of sugar to make it sweet. So even it is homemade and healthier, it is still not that healthy and should only be for an occasional treat. We can't imagine how much worse commercial soda will be. It is an eye-opener for our Little FECS and it helps him to understand in a concrete way, just how unhealthy soda is. He is convinced he would not be one to drink soda, after this activity, which made me very glad of course :-)

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