Saturday 4 August 2012


Meal Under the Table or in a Blanket Fort

Age: From 3 years old

Additional Information:

Children at this age like to hide in a cave, hide under a table, in a blanket fort, etc. and J is no exception. I got this idea from Having Fun at Home and have been wanting to try this out. How exciting it is to have some cozy activities under the table such as have meal or snack. Today, we had dinner under the table.

It was very exciting even for me! It brings out the child in me, and gave me an excuse to do out-of-the-norm stuff! We had a lot of fun and made some bonding memories.

I have been wanting to try this out, but haven't quite find the time. It was rather impromptu this evening. Unfortunately, I didn't tell Daddy our plans before hand and he was caught up at work, thus he could not join in the fun. But there is always a next time.

It does not have to be a lot of work or messy. I put a plastic sheet below which I bought from IKEA. We sat on cushions and serve the meal on a lap tray, which is available from Amazon:

But the lap trays are not necessary and it should not hindle you from this activity. You can use a low carton box or simply just place the food on the floor like back to the Malay kampong days in Singapore....

It is very often the simple things that count, when spending time with our children. It doesn't require expensive toys or vacation. Try it with your children sometime and bring back the child in you! Have fun!


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