Tuesday 28 August 2012


J's Lunch Box - A Little Surprise Note

This is a great idea for working moms. I read about this idea of leaving a surprise note in your child's lunch box, and decided to try it out:

Here is a list of benefits:

1. It's a way to create memories with your child, even when you are at work.

2. It's a way to inculcate values to your child, get his attention, without being naggy or preachy

3. It wets your child appetite for reading - he would want to master reading so that he can read the message you write to him.

4. It encourages writing skills - your child would be inspired to one day write small encouraging note himself. This is a way to balance the modern life "fast food sms".

Here are some tips:

1. Write short up-lifting messages.

2. Keep it short and simple - You don't want to overwhelm your child's kindergarten teacher!

Here are some ideas for the messages:

1. Love you.

2. Miss you.

3. You are precious to mommy and daddy.

4. Thinking of you at work. Be good and listen to your teachers.

5. Looking forward to seeing you this evening.

6. Share a verse from Proverbs.

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