Sunday 12 August 2012


Heritage Education: Celebrating the 47th Singapore National Day in National Costume

Research shows that for a healthy self-image and self-esteem to develop, it is important that one is well-adjusted and in-touch with one's own heritage. To be able to appreciate other's cultures, it is important that one is able to appreciate one's own. I find this to be very true. Unfortunately, many children in Denmark, especially the second generation of immigrants, are not very proud of their heritage. If you are without strong roots, you will not be strong enough to help and appreciate others. Thus, cultural heritage education in my opinion is a very important foundation of a child's development, one that I would put effort in.

It was J's first time celebrating the Singapore National Day with the Denmark-Singapore Club. I want J to be proud of his heritage and we took effort to dress up for the event. Thus, we were all decked out in one of Singapore's national costumes - the Indian Sari and J was dressed in the Singapore colours - red and white, all ready to celebrate Singapore's National Day in Copenhagen.

Oops wrong flag, but J insisted that the Chinese flag is also the Singapore flag, because they both have stars on it!!!

When we said that we were going to meet some Singaporeans today, he said "Hurray" and was very excited!!! He prepared by himself the flags to bring along and reminded mommy of the flags before we left :-)

It was quite a big turn out in years, total more than 90 guests including friends of Singapore... and it was held in a banquet hall, Chinese style with round tables, but with Danish touch - the cozy candle lights :-)

Queuing up for the glorious Singapore food... satay, beef redang, mimosa, sambal chilli, chay kway teow... sedap!!!

One of the programme is a Quizz on Singapore

Some of multi-cultural Singapore's national costumes...

Here is a video of the Singapore National Parade 2012 from Youtube:

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